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Pax Gaea is about our hope for the people of the world, and while it may appear this fledgling
website has little to do with the concept, it is but a seed.

We are the Carrolls.  On July 28, 2006, we sold our home in Wilmington, North Carolina, and
embarked on an adventure that carried us to  Patzcuaro, nestled in the mountains of central
Mexico.  Our purpose was to remove ourselves from the familiar, to experience a culture different
from our own and to write a novel - in our own mysterious way, to nurture this idea that we have
more in common than our differences tend to dictate. In April of 2007 we returned to the states
after completing the novel and have settled for the next year or so in Nags Head, on the Outer
Banks of North Carolina, while we await publication of
Thatcher: The Unauthorized Biography of
Blackbeard The Pirate.

We hope you will enjoy sharing in our adventure - our opinions, our observations, our projects and
our photos - and share with us your own adventures!
No matter how powerful the forces that
try to drive us apart, if our will is
greater than those forces of division, we
can be drawn back together ...
n 1718, one of the most notorious pirates of all time was killed off the coast of North Carolina.  History
chronicles the last eighteen months of his life and makes stabs at his origins ... but really, who was this man of
many names?  Where did he come from?  And what motivated him to lead this campaign of terror, striking fear
As part of her home schooling project in 2006 and 2007, Abigail studied all of the
countries of the world and a series of compiled comprehensive reports and
photographs of each nation. Since then we've attempted to diligently maintain these
pages which are some of the most timely and comprehensive on the web.
Thatcher is our novel of historic fiction, coming soon!  It explores the fascinating
and highly edited history of European colonialism in the late 17th and early 18th
centuries, highlighting the pirates and privateers, illegal and legal, who profited from
the expanding global trade of the era.  In an age of entrepreneuralism, a man may
cross the fine line from capitalist to criminal, depending on who is making the
 Thatcher explores what happens when a man who is merely
trying to make his mark discovers the rules are written against him, and what happens when he decides to change the
rules, following his own code in order to achieve his ambitions.
This is not your typical story of a one-dimensional, filthy brigand with a penchant for saying Aaargh!  From the ports
of England to the colonial New World, from the frozen winter of Moscow to the balmy shores of Madagascar,
Thatcher is filled with action, intrigue and interesting characters, intertwining fact with fiction.  As for the man
himself, a shooting star of mythic proportion,
Thatcher’s Blackbeard possesses a plausible and fantastical pedigree
that forms a highly complex, multi-dimensional man who challenges the bounds of his circumstances and leads him to
the inevitable fate written by the powers who, then and now, control the civilized world.
into the hearts of all who plied the  high seas from the Caribbean to the Atlantic, causing all to tremble at the mention
of the name Blackbeard ...
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is eleven years old, a seventh grader at Manteo Middle School. She loves
playing on the beach, singing and dancing. Eleanor made her stage
debut in 2007 as Michael in a local production of
Peter Pan and
continues to act in community and school performances. She has also
just taken up the cello.
is sixteen years old, a 10th grader at Manteo High School and constantly
has a book in her hand.  She worked very hard on her project to study
every country in the world, so we hope you'll
take a look!  And her hard
work paid off when she was crowned 2008 Champion for her school in
National Geographic Bee!  She is now in the high school color guard.
works from home as a digitizer for the Queensboro Shirt Company.
Having typed and co-authored
Thatcher, she is also busy editing to
get the book ready for release. Living on the Outer Banks is a
dream come true, like coming home ...
exorcised (to an extent) the spirit that has haunted him since he met The Old Man
(Blackbeard).  Having been forced to step back from the editing process, he is
training military pilots at a nearby bombing range and loving the
Outer Banks ...
Human rights issues are one of Dave's great passions and most zealous causes.
Fundamental freedom and human dignity are one of the driving forces behind the Pax
Gaea philosophy. But Human Rights is also a political issue with diverging viewpoints
and priorities rooted in political objectives. Learn more about the countries of our world
as viewed from a variety of Human Rights perspectives.

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