Kingdom of Cambodia is located in the southeast of the Asian Continent, with a population of 14,952,665, making it the
8th largest national population. Its capital and largest city is Phnom Penh with a total population of 2,301,725. The country
encompasses 181,03
5 square kilometers making it the 90th largest country in total area. It shares boundaries with Thailand,
Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand.

King Norodom Sihamoni is recognized as the Chief of State and achieves that status through selection by the Royal Throne
Council and holds that position for life or abdication.
Prime Minister Hun Sen is recognized as the Head of Government and
along with Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An and Deputy Prime Ministers Sar Kheng, Sok An, Tea Banh, Hor
Namhong, Nhek Bunchhay, Bin Chhin, Keat Chhon, Yim Chhai Ly and Ke Kimyan, achieves that status following legislative
elections, when a member of the majority party or majority coalition is named Prime Minister by the Chairman of the
National Assembly and appointed by the King and holds that position for five years. Its form of government is a multiparty
democracy under a constitutional monarchy and they celebrate the creation of their constitution on 21 September 1993.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are Khmer, French and English. It counts among its major religions
Theravada Buddhist and other. As sources of mass communication it has 2 AM, 17 FM and 9 Television stations.

Major geographical features are Phnum Aoral, its highest point at 1,810 meters and Gulf of Thailand, its lowest point at 0
meters. Its principal waterway is Mekong River, which measures 2,400 kilometers.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are tourism, garments, rice milling, fishing,
wood and wood processing, rubber, cement, gem mining and textiles. Its official currency is Cambodian Riel.

Here’s something you may not know about Cambodia. Phnom Penh was previously known as Krong Chaktomuk meaning
"City of Four Faces" in reference to the region where the Mekong, Bassac, and Tonle Sap rivers cross to form an "X.”
Angkor Wat
Cambodian fashion
Cambodian countryside
Cambodian sunset
Dawn breaking at the
Temple of Angkor
Elephant causing
traffic jam
Mekong River
Monks in Krong Koh
Gate to Poipet-
westernmost point on
the border with
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Updated 24 January 2013
Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
0.5% (2009 est.)


Samlo Kakor-
traditional Cambodian
Sunset from
Sokha Beach on the
Gulf of Thailand-
Cambodia's lowest
Tonle Sap Lake
Phnum Aoral-
Cambodia's highest
Cardamom Mountains
Mekong River Falls on
the Laos/Cambodia
Phnom Penh-
Cambodia's capital
and largest city
Preah Vihear
northernmost point on
the border with Laos
Koh Tonsay (Rabbit
Island)- Cambodia's
southernmost point on
the Gulf of Thailand
Svay Rieng Ferry on
the Mekong River-
easternmost point on
the border with Vietnam
Cambodian ladies in
traditional Khmer dress
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