Republic of Estonia is located in the east of the European Continent, with a population of 1,274,709, making it the 156th
largest national population. Its capital and largest city is
Tallinn with a total population of 424,445. The country
encompasses 45,228 square kilometers making it the 13
3rd largest country in total area. It shares boundaries with Gulf of
Finland, Russia, Latvia, the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea.

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves is recognized as the Chief of State and achieves that status through election by Parliament
and holds that position for five years and is eligible for a second term. Prime Minister Andrus Ansip is recognized as the
Head of Government and achieves that status through nomination by the president and approval by Parliament and holds
that position five years. Its form of government is a republic and they celebrate the creation of their constitution on 28th of
June 1992.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are Estonian, Russian other and unknown tongues. It counts among its major
religions Evangelical Lutheran, Orthodox, other Christian including Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, Roman Catholic and
Pentecostal and unaffiliated and unspecified faiths. As sources of mass communication it has 98 FM and 3 Television

Major geographical features are Suur Munamagi, its highest point at 318 meters and the Baltic Sea, its lowest point at 0
meters. Its principal waterway is the Gulf of Finland, the Gulf of Riga and Lake Peipus which measure 500 kilometers of

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are engineering, electronics, wood and
wood products, textile; information technology and telecommunications. Its official currency is Estonian Kroon.

Here’s something you may not know about Estonia. Arvo Paert, a famous music conductor, was born in 1935 in Paide,
which is a little Estonian town. He emigrated to Austria in 1980. One year later he moved to Berlin, Germany where he still
lives. At the age of 61 Arvo Paert was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
Gulf of Riga on the
Baltic Sea- Estonia's
lowest point
Birthplace of Arvo
Paert in Paide
Lake Peipus
Parnu River
Saxby on Vormsi Island
on the Baltic Sea
Tradtional Estonian
food- Spiced Baltic
Sprats served with
boiled egg and dark
Tallinn- Estonia's
capital and largest city
overlooking the Gulf of
Finland to Finland
Tartu University
Suur Munamagi-
Estonia's highest point
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Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
1.2% (2009 est.)


less the 500
The Emajogi River
Valga on  Estonia's
border with Latvia
Some Vormsi Island
tombstones at an old
Estonian church
Old windmill in an
Estonian field
Tradtional Estonian
Naha- Estonia's
southernmost point on
the border with Latvia
Narva- Estonia's
easternmost point on
the border with Russia
Narva Joesuu- the
mouth of the Narva
River on the Baltic Sea
Vaindoo Island-
Estonia's northernmost
point on the Gulf of
Vilsani Island National
Park- Estonia's
westernmost point on
the Baltic Sea
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