Republic of Niger is located in the west of the African continent, with a population of 16,899,327, making it the 63nd
largest national population. Its capital and largest city is
Niamey with a total population of 1,302,910. The country
encompasses  1.267 million square kilometers making it the 22nd largest country in total area. It shares boundaries with

Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali.

President I
ssoufou Mahamadou is recognized as the Chief of State and achieved that status elected by popular vote for a
five-year term
and is eligible for a second term). The candidate must receive a majority of the votes to be elected president;
a presidential election to restore civilian rule was held 31 January 2011 with a runoff election held on 12 March
Prime Minister Brigi Ra
fini is recognized as the head of government and achieved that status by appointment from the
president and shares some executive responsibilities with the president . Its form of government is a republic and they
celebrate the creation of their constitution adopted 31 October 2010.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are French, Hausa and Djerma. It counts among its major religions Muslim
and other faiths including indigenous beliefs and Christian. As sources of mass communication it has 5 AM, 6 FM, 4 Short
Wave and 3 Television stations.

Major geographical features are Mont Bagzane, its highest point at 2,002 meters and the Niger River near Gaya, its lowest
point at 200 meters. Its principal waterway is the Niger River, which measures 300 kilometers.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are uranium mining, cement, brick, soap,
textiles, food processing, chemicals and slaughterhouses. Its official currency is Communaute Financiere Africaine franc.

Here’s something you may not know about Niger. The Sahel is a savanna which form a belt that separates the arid Sahara
from the tropical West.
"Circle of Rocks" in the
Tenere Desert
Dusk settling on Lake
Chad on the Nigeria
Erg de Tenere
Rocks in the Sahara
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Updated 07 April 2013
Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
0.8% (2009 est.)


The Niger River near
Gaya- Niger's lowest
and southernmost
point on the tri-border
with Benin and Nigeria
Grand Erg de Bilma in
the Tenere Desert
Elephant in the brush
close to Diffa
Mont Bagzane in the
Air Mountains- Niger's
highest point
Niamey- Niger's capital
and largest city
Camels as dawn
breaks in the Tenere
Nigerian children in a
small village not far
from Zinder
Ayorou on Niger's
border with Mali
Vallee de l'Azaouagh
near Niger's border
with Algeria
Kilishi- dried meat that
is a staple of the Niger
Niger ladies in
traditional dress
Madama Fortress in
the Sahara- Niger's
northernmost point on
the border with Libya
Maradi Region on
Niger's border with
Mekrou River in W
National Park on
Niger's border with
Tera- Niger's
westernmost point on
the border with Burkina
Tibesti Jebel
Woodlands- Niger's
easternmost point on
the border with Chad
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