Russian Federation is located in the north of the Asian and European Continents, with a population of 142,500,482, making
it the 9th largest national population. Its capital and largest city is
Moscow with a total population of 11,503,501. The
country encompasses 17,098,242 square kilometers making it the 1st largest country in total area. It shares boundaries with
Arctic Ocean, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, East Siberian Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Sea, North Pacific Ocean, Sea of Okhotsk,
Sea of Japan, North Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Black Sea, Ukraine,
Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Baltic Sea and Finland.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich P
utin is recognized as the Chief of State and achieves that status through popular vote and
holds that position for four years and is eligible for a second term. Premier Dmitriy Anatolyevich M
edvedev is recognized
as the Head of Government and, along with First Deputy Premier Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov and
Deputy Premiers Arkadiy
Vladimirovich Dvorkovich,
Olga Yuryevna Golodets, Aleksandr Gennadiyevich Khloponin, Dmitriy Nikolayevich Kozak,
Dmitriy Olegovich R
ogozin and Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, achieves that status through appointment by the president with
approval by the Duma and holds that position four years. Its form of government is a Federation and they celebrate the
creation of their constitution on 12th of December 1993.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are Russian. It counts among its major religions Russian Orthodox, Muslim
and other Christian and none. As sources of mass communication it has 323 AM, 1,500 FM, 62 Short Wave and 7,306
Television stations.

Major geographical features are Gora El'brus, its highest point at 5,633 meters and Caspian Sea, its lowest point at 20
meters. Its principal waterways are the Baltic Sea, White Sea, Caspian Sea, Sea of Azov, and Black Sea, which measures
102,000 kilometers.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are mining, coal, oil, gas, chemicals, and
metals; all forms of machine building from rolling mills to high-performance aircraft and space vehicles; radar, missile
production, and advanced electronic components and shipbuilding. Its official currency is Russian Ruble.

Here’s something you may not know about Russia. If you travel across Russia, you will cross 7 time zones.
Church of our Savior in
Spilt Blood, Saint
The Kremlin in Moscow
Volga River at
Astrakhan near the
Caspian Sea Delta
Gora El'brus- Russia's
highest point
Saint Basil Cathedral,
Moscow- Russia's
capital and largest city
Murmansk on the
Barents Sea- Russia's
northwesternmost city
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Updated 26 March 2013
Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
1% (2009 est.)


Borscht Soup is a
traditional Russian
food made with beets,
a  variety of
vegetables served with
a generous dollop of
sour cream
Beach on the Caspian
Sea- Russia's lowest
point and waterway
Concert Hall in the
Kremlin at Nizhny
Anadyr on the Bering
Sea- Russia's
northeasternmost city
high in the Arctic Circle
Bay,Yankich Island in
the Kuril Islands on the
Sea of Okhotsk
Kremlin Gardens,
Kuntskamera Museum
in Saint Petersburg
Sudza, a village in
northeast of Moscow
The Hermitage in
Traditional Russian
Dress from the Imperial
Sea of Azov- Gateway
to the Russian Black
Olchon Island on Lake
Baykal- the deepest
lake in the world
Vladivostok Station-
the terminus of the
Trans-Siberian railroad
Ural Mountains in the
Arctic Circle
Klyuchevskoy- the
highest point of
Siberia's Kamchatka
Klyuchevskoy- it is also
an active volcano
Cape Chelyuskin- the
northernmost point of
the Russian and
European landmass
Cape Dezhnev- the
easternmost point of
the Russian and Asian
Diomede Islands- the
easternmost point of
Russia on the Bering
Lavry in the Pskov
Oblast- Russia's
contiguous point on
the border with Latvia
Mount Bazardyuzu in
the Republic of
Dagestan- Russia's
southernmost point on
the border of
Rudolph Island in
Franz Joseph Land-
the northernmost point
of Russia and Europe
Kirkenes on Russia's
border with Norway
Vyborg on Russia's
border with Finland
Lake Peipus on
Russia's border with
Russia's border with
Vistula Spit on the
Kaliningrad Oblast-
Russia's westernmost
point on the border
with Poland and the
Baltic Sea
Smolensk near
Russia's border with
Near Russia's border
with Ukraine
Russia's border with
Samara Region of the
Volga River near
Russia's border with
Southern Buryatia
Region on Russia's
border with Mongolia
Khabarovsk on
Russia's border with
Khasan Natural Park
on Russia's border
with North Korea
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