Republic of Senegal is located in the west of the African Continent, with a population of 12,969,606, making it the 71st
largest national population. Its capital and largest city is
Dakar with a total population of 2,452,656. The country
encompasses 196,722 square kilometers making it the 8
8th largest country in total area. It shares boundaries with
Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, the Gambia and the North Atlantic Ocean.

President Macky S
all is recognized as the Chief of State and achieves that status through popular vote and holds that
position for five years and is eligible for a second term. Prime Minister Abdoul M
baye is recognized as the Head of
Government and achieves that status through appointment by the president and holds that position five years. Its form of
government is a republic and they celebrate the creation of their constitution on 7th of January 2001.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are French, Wolof, Pulaar, Jola and Mandinka. It counts among its major
religions Muslim, Christian and indigenous beliefs. As sources of mass communication it has 8 AM, 20 FM, 1 Short Wave
and 1 Television stations.

Major geographical features are an unnamed feature near Nepen Diakha, its highest point at 581 meters and the Atlantic
Ocean, its lowest point at 0 meters. Its principal waterways are the Senegal, Saloum, and Casamance rivers, which
measure 1,000 kilometers.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are agricultural and fish processing,
phosphate mining, fertilizer production, petroleum refining, construction materials and ship construction and repair. Its
official currency is Communaute Financiere Africaine franc.

Here’s something you may not know about Senegal. Senegal is home to Dakar which gives it name for a vehicle race that
starts in Europe, winds through the North African deserts and ends every year on the shores of Lac Rose, the Pink Lake, in
Casamance River- one
of Senegal's waterways
Dakar- Senegal's
capital and largest city
Dakar's Grande
Gambia River in
Niokolo Koba National
Park with Nepen
Diakha in the distance-
Senegal's highest point
Lac de Guiers
Le Lac Rose
Saloum River Delta
Senegal Desert
Saint Louis on the
Senegal River Delta
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Happy, bouncy group
of Senegalese kids
Shipwreck on Saint
Louis Beach on the
Atlantic Ocean-
Senegal's lowest point
Updated 18 March 2013
Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
0.9% (2009 est.)


Tradtional Senegalese
Marmite Sauce- a
coastal favorite
Bamako Rive near
Saraya- Senegal's
easternmost point on
the border with Mali
Cap Vert- Senegal's
westernmost point on
the Atlantic Ocean
Casamance River near
Tanaf on Senegal's
border with
Diouloulou on
Senegal's border with
The Gambia
Freight train at
Kedougou- Senegal's
southernmost point on
the border with Guinea
Podor- Senegal's
northernmost point on
the border with
Woman in traditional
Senegalese dress
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