Updated 16 September 2012
Republic of Suriname is located in the north of the South American Continent, with a population of 560,157, making it
the 17
0th largest national population. Its capital and largest city is Paramaribo with a total population of 244,946. The
country encompasses 163,270 square kilometers making it the 91st largest country in total area. It shares boundaries
with the North Atlantic Ocean, French Guiana, Brazil and Guyana.

President Dési Bouterse is recognized as the Chief of State and Head of Government and, along with Vice President
Robert Ameerali achieves that status through a two-thirds majority vote of the National Assembly and holds that
position for a five-year term with no term limits. Its form of government is a constitutional democracy and they
celebrate the creation of their constitution on 30th of September 1987.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are Dutch, English, Sranang Tongo, Hindustani and Javanese. It counts
among its major religions Hindu, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim and indigenous beliefs. As sources of mass
communication it has 4 AM, 13 FM, 1 Short Wave and 3 Television stations.

Major geographical features are Juliana Top, its highest point at 1,230 meters and an unnamed location in the Coastal
Plain, its lowest point at –2 meters. Its principal waterway is the North Atlantic Ocean, which measures 386
kilometers of Coastline.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are bauxite and gold mining, alumina
production, oil, lumbering, food processing and fishing. Its official currency is the Surinam Dollar.

Here’s something you may not know about Suriname. Suriname is the smallest independent country on the South
American continent. It is mostly tropical rain forest with a great diversity of flora that, for the most part, is
increasingly threatened by new development.
Cappename River
Marowijne River which
forms the border
between Suriname and
French Guiana
Galibi National Park
Suriname's capital and
largest city
Rainbow at Voltzeberg
National Park
Sauto Soup- A
Suriname favorite of
dark chicken,
cabbage, fried
potatoes and boiled
Suriname children
Tafelberg National Park
Sipallwini National Park
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Albina on the
Marowijne River- the
crossing point from
French Guiana into
Courantyne River on
the Suriname's border
with Guyana
Sunset on Brokopondo
Coastal Plain-
Suriname's lowest point
Kwamalasamutu- an
indigenous village in
southern Suriname
Nieuw Nickerie- on
Suriname's western
Juliana Top-
Suriname's highest
Benzdorf- a mining
community on
Suriname's border with
French Guiana
Tafelberg Falls
Shaman of the Trio
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Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
1% (2009 est.)


less than
Maripa Falls-
easternmost point on
the border with French
Matapica- Suriname's
northernmost point on
the Atlantic Ocean
Sipaliwini Nature
Reserve- Suriname's
southernmost point on
the border with Brazil
Wonotobo Falls-
westernmost point on
the border with Guyana