Updated 12 October 2012
Taiwan is located in the east of the Asian Continent, with a population of 23,234,936, making it the 51st largest
national population. Its capital and largest city is
Taipei with a total population of 2,618,772. The country
encompasses 35,980 square kilometers making it the 137th largest country in total area. It shares boundaries with the
East China Sea, Pacific Ocean, Philippine Sea, Luzon Strait, South China Sea and Taiwan Strait.

President Ma Ying-jeou is recognized as the Chief of State and, along with Vice President Wu Den-yih, achieves that
status through popular vote and holds that position for four years and is eligible for a second term. Premier (President
of the Executive Yuan) Sean C. Chen is recognized as the Head of Government and, along with Vice Premier (Vice
President of the Executive Yuan) Jiang Yi-huah, achieves that status through presidential appointment. Premier Wu
replaced Liu Chao-shiuan on 08 September 2009, who, along with the rest of his cabinet,  resigned to take "political
responsibility" for the over 700 deaths caused by floods and mudslides triggered by Typhoon Morakot in early August
2009.  Its form of government is a multi-party democracy and they celebrate the creation of their constitution on 25th
of December 1946.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and Hakka dialects. It counts among
its major religions Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist, Christian and other. As sources of mass communication it has 218
AM, 333 FM, 50 Short Wave and 29 Television stations.

Major geographical features are Yu Shan, its highest point at 3,952 meters and the South China Sea, its lowest point at
0 meters. Its principal waterway is Taiwan Strait, which measures 1,566.3 kilometers of Coastline.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are electronics, petroleum refining,
armaments, chemicals, textiles, iron and steel, machinery, cement, food processing, vehicles and consumer goods. Its
official currency is New Taiwan Dollar.

Here’s something you may not know about Taiwan. The Taipei 101 is the tallest building in the world and has the
fastest elevators going from bottom to top in 45 seconds.
Chongyang Shanmo in
Taiwan's central
Cliffs of Cingshuei
City life in Taipei
Flowers in the
Green Island
National Palace
Taipei 101
Tea plantation
Pineapple plantation
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Yu Shan- Taiwan's
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Mount Tatun on the
northern tip of Taiwan
Hsi-lo Bridge over the
Cho-Shui River in
central Taiwan
Keelung on Taiwan's
East China Sea
Traditional canoe on
Lan Yu Island in
Taiwan's Philippine sea
Grilled squid at a night
market- traditional
Taiwanese cuisine
O-luan-pi on Taiwan's
southern tip and the
South China Sea-
Taiwan's lowest point
Lighthouse on
P'eng-chia 'Yu Island-
Taiwan's easternmost
Peng-hu- also known
as the Pescadores
Islands in the Taiwan
Taipei- Taiwan's
capital and largest city
Traditional clothing of
unmarried men of
Taiwan's indigenous
Lighthouse on
Tungyin-Tao Island in
the Matsu island chain-
Taiwan's northernmost
View of Xiamen China
from Kinmen on
Quimoy Island-
Taiwan's westernmost
point and a cannon
shot away from the
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