Updated 01 November 2012
United Arab Emirates is located in the Middle East of the Asian Continent, with a population of 5,314,317, making it
the 11
5th largest national population. Its capital is Abu Dhabi and its largest city is Dubai with a total population of
2,262,000. The country encompasses 82,880 square kilometers making it the 116th largest country in total area. It
shares boundaries with Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

President Khalifa bin Zayid al-Nuhayyan is recognized as the Chief of State and achieves that status through election
by the Federal Supreme Council (FSC) and holds that position for five years with no term limits. Prime Minister and
Vice President Muhammad bin Rashid al-Maktum is recognized as the Head of Government and along with Deputy
Prime Ministers Saif bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan  and Mansur bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan, achieves that status by appointment
from the President. Its form of government is a federation of seven emirates with specific powers delegated to the
UAE and they celebrate the creation of their constitution on 2nd December 1971.

The languages commonly or officially spoken are Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi and Urdu. It counts among its major
religions Muslim, Christian, Hindu and other faiths. As sources of mass communication it has 13 AM, 8 FM, 2 Short
Wave and 15 Television stations.

Major geographical features are Jabal Yidir, its highest point at 1,527 meters and the Persian Gulf, its lowest point at 0
meters. Its principal waterway is the Persian Gulf, which measures 1,318 kilometers of coastline.

Major industries providing for the bulk of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are petroleum and petrochemicals,
fishing, aluminum, cement, fertilizers, commercial ship repair, construction materials, some boat building, handicrafts
and textiles. Its official currency is Emirati Dirham.

Here’s something you may not know about United Arab Emirates. The world’s largest indoor snow skiing park is at a
shopping mall in Dubai.
Abu Dhabi- United
Arab Emirates' capital
Fort east of Dubai
Entertainment at Dubai
Mall by singers in
traditional dress
Harbor of Peace in
Dubai on the Persian
Gulf- United Arab
Emirates' lowest point
Indoor Ski Center in
Jabal Yidir from
Ra's al Khaymah-
United Arab Emirates'
highest point
Now famous Sail
building in Dubai - the
largest city of the
United Arab Emirates
and  the Amazing Race
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Spice market in Dubai
Liwa Oasis near United
Arab Emirates
southern border with
Saudi Arabia
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Wild Wadi Water Park
in Dubai-
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Al Yasa Marine
Sanctuary in the
Persian Gulf on United
Arab Emirates' border
with Saudi Arabia
Al Ain on United Arab
Emirates' eastern
border with Oman
Hisn Al Diba on the
Gulf of Oman
Strait of Hormuz from
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates'
border with Saudi
Umm az Zumul- the
southernmost point of
United Arab Emirates
on the tri-border with  
Oman and Saudi
Abu Al Abyad- the
largest of the United
Arab Emirates' 200
Al Yassat- the
westernmost point of
United Arab Emirates
on the border with
Saudi Arabia
Ash Sha'm- the
northernmost point of
United Arab Emirates
on the border with the
Oman Exclave
Khawr Fakkan- United
Arab Emirates'
easternmost point on
the Gulf of Oman
Adult Prevalence Rate:

People Living with HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Deaths:
0.2% (2001 est.)