Blackbeard The Pirate

by Carole Marsh
In this mystery by Caroline Marsh, Michele and her brother Michael are sent to Bath, North Carolina, to
spend six weeks of their summer vacation with a friend of their mother. Michele was offered the chance to
be a part of a play about Blackbeard that they do every summer in Bath, but her mother tells her she
cannot because someone has stolen Blackbeard’s head, a prop they use in the play. She, Michael and the
kids they are staying with decide to try and solve the mystery. They begin receiving clues in bottles floating
in the bay, but they end up on a wild goose chase around the town of Bath. The play is in such distress that
it looks like it might be cancelled, but when the kids finally figure out who the culprit is, the play is saved.

This book is number three in a collection of mysteries Caroline Marsh has written . In this 137 page book,
you learn a little history about Bath and about Blackbeard. My favorite part was when Michele solved the
mystery. I like this book because it is a history/mystery novel, two of my favorite things, and you will love
it, too. If you love mysteries, BUY THIS BOOK!