Eleanor Roosevelt Carroll
Here are some of the pictures I took on the way to Patzcuaro, Mexico.
This is the hallway in the
place we stayed when we first
got to Patzcuaro.  They had a
white dog named Blackie who
liked to play with me.
Some pretty decorations
outside our room at Hacienda
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I love living in our apartment in Patzcuaro!  Every
day I play on the porch with Rommel and Ribsy.  We
have lots of fun!  I color pictures and read.  We have
a neighbor named Arturo.  He is an artist and he
plays the accordian.
Beethoven is Blackie's
Here are some of the pictures I took at our new house.
On our front porch.
Rommel and Floricita.
A man and his burro who
came to Gringolandia.  He
let me pet and ride his
Getting my hair braided at
Playa Los Gatos in
Zihuatenejo.  I look sleepy!  
But when I got in the water, I
Getting drunk at Kristen's
birthday party.  On
Coca-cola.  On the beach
at Playa Troncones.
My friend Arturo and me -
Arturo gave me a doggy
treat and I'm feeding it to