Sunset over the Pamlico Sound,
off the ferry to Ocracoke.
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Sunset over Lake Ponchartrain
as we approach New Orleans.
Sunset from our place at
Gringolandia in Patzcuaro,
The Great Western State Tour

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Happy New Year

Guerrilla Thanksgiving

Back to the USA

Mundane ... And Rain


On Writing in the late Mexican night

Quest for a Shower Curtain

Patzcuaro 992 km

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Lovin' the Big Easy

Marching Through Georgia And Beyond...

A Break From the World

Moving Sucks
Welcome to my home page, where I share my thoughts from time to time on this crazy adventure, this gamble of
fortune, this change of attitude.  Lest you missed the story on the Pax Gaea home page, we sold our comfortable
middle class home in Wilmington, North Carolina, and took to the road in our 2000 Land Rover Discovery
(affectionately referred to as Fabiola).  We have settled for the time being in Patzcuaro in the beautiful state of
Michoacan, Mexico, and our primary jobs are home schooling our two daughters and writing our epic novel of
historical fiction.

For those who think we are on some sort of extended vacation, even to us the task of getting this ever-expanding
book on paper has turned out to be a monumental task.  For this reason my essays are not particularly regular and
are often subject to a topic presenting itself and wanting to be shared in this forum.  Once
Thatcher has been
wrapped up nicely and neatly, I hope to have the time to write more of our adventures ... though I must admit at
times inspiration is dependent upon the Muse.

I invite you to share your comments on my guestbook or send me an email as directed below.  I'm always happy
to hear from you!
ESSAYS, beginning with the most recent ...
Sunset at Playa Troncones,