This morning I woke up to the fifth straight day of rain.  I realize there's no hard and fast
rule when they say that April through September is the rainy season around here, but
GUYS!  COME ON!  It's not so much that I mind the rain, but I miss the sun and it's
getting a bit chilly.  Plus, I've got to drive all the way around town to the supermarket
today, and it's nerve-wracking enough for me without having to worry about flooded
roadways and limited visibility.

We've been in Patzcuaro, for two months now and things have pretty much settled into a
normal routine.  Having worked until 4 or 5 in the morning, I usually get up around 10 or
11.  The girls are already up by then, and Abigail has checked her email and gotten started
on her country report for the day.  This morning, they are particularly excited because
some American kids have come to Gringolandia for a week. After my turn with the
on-line computer, I  try to rustle up something for brunch, though every once in a while
we might visit one of our favorite roadside stands.  Elea and I often work on some project
or another or perhaps take a walk into town  if we need something, while Abi and Dave
do geography.  I try to get a short nap mid to late afternoon, as it seems to make a big
difference in my usefulness when it's time for work.  After supper, we'll play games or
read or perhaps do a little internet research if we're curious about something (it was the
English monarchy the other night, specifically Bloody Mary), and after the girls are put to
bed we begin writing.

Almost nothing is hard and fast around here, and we've certainly had some breaks from
the routine.  A few weeks ago we took a day to visit the absolutely gorgeous national park
in neighboring Uruapan, about 40 miles to the west.  Last week I think it was, unable to
obtain printer cartridges here in town, we took a ride up to Morelia, finding just what we
needed at Office Depot and picking up a few desirables at Walmart - like pepperoni and
mozzarelli cheese to make pizza, although there are several pizza places here in Patzcuaro.  
Today, Eleanor and I will head out to do the weekly supermarket shopping while Abi and
Dave get an early start on her country report (Tajikistan).

We're getting mighty close to finishing Part Two of
Thatcher, so we've decided to add an
extra writing session in the late afternoon in order to try and finish it before Friday. Friday
is a special landmark, as our first visitor in Mexico will be arriving in Ixtapa, south of us
on the Pacific coast.   We will be spending a few days with my high school friend Kristen
Sojourner at the Burro Borracha in Troncones, about 20 miles north of Ixtapa-Zihuatenejo,
basking in the tropical sun.  Then it's back to Patzcuaro to show off this beautiful town
until she has to go back to her teaching job near Denver, Colorado, and it's back to the
final stretch for us, with hopes to finish our first draft by Thanksgiving.

So, I expect to have more different and exciting things to write about after our jaunt to the
beach.  Coming up shortly are celebrations leading up to the Day of the Dead.  Eleanor's
godmother Julie is coming to visit over Thanksgiving.  After we finish the book - perhaps
after our first draft revision? - we hope to make a few trips.  We're thinking of taking a
bus to Mexico City and visiting the nearby pyramids at Teotihuacan.  Then there's Volcan
Paricutin just the other side of Uruapan - this volcano erupted in 1943, burying a couple of
villages and a church you can still see sticking out of the lava field.  And Dave is quite
desirous of taking a drive into Belize ...

In the meantime, lest you think it's all fun and game here, it's time to fix some lunch, do
some straightening up around the house and start getting the laundry together.  Perhaps
next time I can actually write something witty.

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Mundane ... And Rain
A view from the car on the road
from Morelia - you can just see
the lake and the island of
Pen's Essays - 10
A flower in Arturo's garden - a
few popular houseplants from
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