Pet Sematary

by Stephen King
In this thriller, Louis Creed took his family to Ludlow, Maine from Chicago, Illinois. That’s when is trouble
started. On his first day at the Maine University Medical Center a patient named Victor Paxcow told him,
"Strange things are going to happen, Louis" just before he died with a cracked skull from a car accident.

That night Victor came back in a dream. He took Louis to a place called the Pet Sematary and warned
him not to go to the Micmac burying ground. When his family went to Thanksgiving, his daughter’s cat was
run over by a truck so Louis and his neighbor Judson Crandall buried Church at the Pet Sematary near the
Micmac burying ground. The next day Church was back stinking of death.

In the next year his son Gage was run over by a truck. He remembered what how Church came back to
life so, a few days later Louis took his son to the Micmac Burying Ground

I warn you it is a little scary especially when Gage comes back from the dead. This story is filled with twist
and turns that contain a bit of suspense and horror and a lot of Mystery. I recommend you buy this book  
but be warned.