PAGE 2 - Traveling in Mexico
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Funky lizard in Southeast Texas.
We saw these about every ten miles along the Texas coast.  I'm sorry, did someone say
we don't have enough refining capacity in America?
The port at Corpus Christi, Texas.
At the border crossing at Matamoros in Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Water tower in  Matamoros.
On the road in Northern Mexico.
Playa Miramar in Tampico, across from the infamous Dog Hotel!
The lush foliage as we climb into the Sierra Madres between Tampico and San Luis
Cacti and clouds in a roadside shot.
Entering volcano country, inert but awesome just the same.
Burro as we enter Michoacan.
Beethoven welcomes visitors at the Hacienda Mariposas in Patzcuaro.
Elea taking a whack at a pinata at the Hacienda Mariposas..
Abi's turn.
The meadow outside the gates of the Hacienda Mariposas.
More of the meadow.
The girls with the horses at Hacienda Mariposas.
And with the colt.
Abi welcomes you to our new home in Patzcuaro.