PAGE 3 - At home in Patzcuaro
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The street approaching our driveway
Our turn off at the Mr. Grey sign ... Mr. Grey is our landlady's brother who runs a biker
bar down the road.
The gate to Gringolandia, our gated community ... well, you can't see it because it's
pretty much covered up by vegetation.
Climbing the rocky hill that is our driveway.
Still climbing the driveway, you can see some of the other buildings in our compound.
Home at last ... our apartment is in the building on the left.  The car belongs to our
neighbor from Washington state, who left a couple of weeks after we arrived.  He was
translating something from English to Japanese.
Another house next to us, boasting the nicest garden on the premises.
A view from our porch.
View of the mountains outside our front door.
Another view, taking in the island of Janitzio in Lake Patzcuaro.
Another pretty view.
Looking out our front door ... see, these views really are right outside our apartment.
The kitchen.  Yes, we have a refrigerator.
The edge of the loft and the stairs leading to it and the bathroom  That's the edge of
the dining room table.
Abigail and Daddy hard at work in our technology corner - time for Country Reports!!
Our bathroom garden.
View of the fireplace from our loft.
A shot from the hall leading to the bathroom, up the stairs to the loft.
Where the girls sleep.