PAGE 4 - Around Patzcuaro
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Our path to town.
A typical street leading one of Patzcuaro's neighborhoods - yeah, pretty much straight
Puente de Rata, or as we call it the Rat Bridge.  Far beow this bridge is where the
community "grey water" makes its way to Lake Patzcuaro.  On its banks frolic
small-possum-sized rats plucking edible chunks from the water - actually, they're quite cute.
Our very own Nacho Libre hasn't gotten here yet, as he's been wrestling with these
characters in his head in his struggle to bring them to life on the page.
Our Times Square.  One of the central crossroads leading into the Centro and up the
hill to the
The Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Salud , the center of religious history, built atop a
pre-Hispanic ceremonial site and the high ground in Patzcuaro.  It wasn't completed
until the 19th century but contains
Quiroga's tomb, the Mausoleo de Don Vasco.  
A hilly Patzcuaro neighborhood street we discovered on one of our side journeys.
A monument in tribute to the Agua Hombres, those brave civil servants who brought
potable water to Patzcuaro.
Templo de la Compañia.
Iglesia del Sagrario.
The fountain at the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, known as the Plaza Grande.
I know what you're thinking, hombre - was it five shots or six?  You've just got to ask
yourself:  Do I feel lucky?  Well ... Do you,
mocoso?  Go ahead ... Toma mi dia!
I know what you're thinking, hombre - was it five Hail Marys or six?  You've just got to
ask yourself:  Do I feel lucky?  Well ... Do you,
mocoso?  Go ahead ... Toma dia de Dios!
And so, Rommel, that's the reason why you can't discount the importance of the
Etruscans influence on Greek pottery ...
They actually have chocolate here in Mexico!!  What ... it comes from here?  I thought it
was from Hersey, Pennsylvania!
Abigail's birthday?  Nah ... every time we forget to pay the power bill, it's always a good
excuse to celebrate another Saint's day ... and in Mexico, that's every day!  Today we
honor St. John of Nepomuk, patron saint of water boys.
Yeah, she ma bitch ... jealous?  Want some?
Mexican Independence Day, with St. Quiroga playing the role of Burning Man.
Not the Hubble Telescope - fireworks above the Plaza Grande on Independence Day.
Our lawn mower.
Abi takes her turn on our riding lawn mower.
Talk about a Land Rover ad ..."What Land Rovers do, when they're not tearing up the
muddy back roads of the Mexican rainforest ..."