PAGE 5 - Leon
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Mountaintop monastery on the way to Leon.
The lake that has no name.  Flood plain just north of Morelia.
Our El Mariachi moment - it's true, they do put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up ...
Deserted monastery in Guanajuato state.  We saw signs they were getting ready to
remodel ... yeah, probably another bed & breakfast owned by a gay American couple,
God bless 'em.
Laguna de Yuriria.
Plaza Principal in Leon.
A pedestrian mall at the Plaza Principal in Leon.
Palacio de Gobierno d'Estadio at the Plaza Principal in Leon.
We're cute, aren't we?
The Lion fountain.
Catedral Basilica in Leon.
A fine example of Mexican tile work, a commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the
building of the
Catedral.  Look how big it is!  It's huge!
What do you mean the ATM isn't working?  How will we pay for those lovely strappy
Palacio de Presidencia d'Estadio at the Plaza Principal in Leon.