PAGE 6 - Parque Nacional in Uruapan
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Parque Nacional Barranca de Cupatitzio - Descending  steps to the park's
southernmost falls.
On the road to Uruapan - a view of Lake Patzcuaro with the island of Junitzio.
Hey, Mom, do you remember that movie about those kids that did that thing and there was
this waterfall know, the one with that guy ...
Dave contemplates how to swing across this chasm to catch up with the spear-toting
natives who abandoned him while he was lecturing on the influences of Etruscan
pottery ...
The Rio Cupatitzio flowing through tropical flora.
The girls pose before the Camelinas waterfall.
Dave finds nirvana.
Still chasing those natives ... "And one more point -- I promise, my final one!"
The Mural Fountain, one of many fountains in the park.
We're lost for good, aren't we?  I told you we should have ditched Daddy for the
natives, but NO ...
Dave confirming that indeed, the water is wet.
We were told that boys dive into this pool for pesos from the touristas, but they were
not there that day.
A giant boy at Niagara Falls - no, not really.  This fellow's father asked Elea if she would
pose with his son in front of this, the Brides Veil Fountain.  We figure he wanted to show
his friends his son's beautiful blonde American betrothed.
Pen, Abi and Elea in a postcard pose.
A young Mexican girl, Consuela, contemplates her life without Guillermo, who ran away
with that Peruvian transvestite disco skater from Fantasia On Ice.  Nah, actually I think
she's just doing lunch.
Anyone can look like a great photographer here.
Abi, Dave and Elea look on in shock as Consuela slides down the rapids.  Suddenly, a
heavenly light swoops down from the sky, lifting Consuela from her watery grave to the
soundtrack of "It's Raining Men."
Welcome to Fantasy Island.
The opening of the underground river that becomes the Rio Cupatitzio.  This pool is
known as the
Manantial la Rodilla del Diablo, or Devil's Knee Spring.  By the way, we're
sure it's a coincidence, but the digital camera indicated this is photo #666.
Another gorgeous waterfall -- the neat thing about this one is there's an underground
spring feeding another stream of water at the base, behind the falling water.
One of many magnificent trees to be found in the park.
FINALLY - the playground!
The old Marine demonstrated his rappelling skills.
... and spelunking.
Elea washing her knees in the fountain at the park entrance - "Why did Daddy make me
follow him into that dirty tunnel?"