PAGE 7 - Troncones
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A thumb-shaped mountain in the Sierra Madres del Sur, with typical cacti as we drive
Island in Presa el Infiernillo, a very large lake on the way to Troncones.
Avocado trees in the Michoacan Depression.
Greetings from the Burro Borracho at Playa Troncones.
Looking north along the beach at Playa Troncones.
View of the surf through a hole in a rock formation on the beach.
Looking south along the beach at Playa Troncones.  
Horses run free on the beach at Playa Troncones.
View from our bungalow at Burro Borracho on Playa Troncones.
A little bit of Carolina sunshine on the Mexican Riviera.
Abigail giving her impressions of the sunset on Playa Troncones.
Abigail hunts coconuts among the rocks at Playa Troncones.
Sunset on Playa Troncones.
The surf combined with the setting sun on Playa Troncones.
The girls react to the giant wave that's about to knock them over.
Abi and Elea serve Kristen's birthday cake to everyone at the Huachinango Restaurant.
Our final morning ... on our way to our private cove at Playa Troncones.
Follow me to a magical place - a horse leads us to our private cove.
A view of the north side of the Diente del Sable - the Saber Tooth cove at the south
end of Playa Troncones.
Future home site of Casa Pirata de Diente del Sable - House of the Saber Tooth Pirate
- on Playa Troncones.
Twilight along the Presa el Infiernillo and Sierra Madres del Sur on our way back to