PAGE 8 - Zihuatenejo
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Typical example of how the condos climb the slopes surrounding the bay at Zihuatenejo.
From the end of the road, a view of the bay of Zihuatenejo.
Ixtapa, on our way to Zihuatenejo - this beach is filled with high-rise hotels and upscale
About two hundred yards back from the Playa de la Ropa, this crocodile was very close
to us and a little intimidating, even though there was a small fence between us.
Morning mist on the mountains as we exit the bay of Zihuatenejo - looking back from the
open sea.
Birds direct us to a school of feeding fish.
Aaargh!  Kristen gets into the pirate spirit.
The lighthouse perches above the cliffs at the entrance to the bay at Zihuatenejo.
Apparently the only shot of our snorkeling cove, as the photographer got a bit seasick.
Pen, Captain Oscar and Kristen display the catch of the day.
The rocky cliffs on the Pacific coast, just south of Zihuatenejo.
Looking south just outside the bay at Zihuatenejo.  These photos do not convey how
big the swells felt, although we understand they get even bigger as the day
A close-up of the olas (waves) against the rocky cliffs.
Playa Los Gatos, the farthest west of the south side of the bay at Zihuatenejo and
accessible only by boat.
Abigail takes her little sister for a swim at Playa Los Gatos.  This area is almost like a
swimming pool, protected from the waves by a submarine wall.
Alejandro, Captain Oscar, Elea, Kristen, Abi and Pen - Eating the fish we caught and
drinking margaritas at Playa Los Gatos.  Abi looks like she's ready to get back in the
Dave's photographic study of the high culture at this Playa Los Gatos resort.
Someone looks very tired - Elea getting her hair braided.
Abi is the last to have her hair braided and ends up looking best of us all!