PAGE 1 - Traveling to Mexico
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Storm clouds gathering over Lake Ponchartrain as we leave New Orleans.
Crossing the Mississippi at Baton Rouge.
Who says Ritalin is "bad" for kids?
Eleanor gets her Mardi Gras on.
The Pink Pig in Sulphur, Louisiana - best boudin balls in Cajun country.
Welcome to Texas!
In case you were wondering, it's still the Lone Star State.
The Point Bolivar (TX) light house.  (Note:  Texans pronounce "Bolivar" as if it rhymes
with "Olliver."  Simon is turning over in his grave.)
The ferry from Point Bolivar to Galveston.
View from the ferry landing.
Crossing to Galveston Harbor.
I hate my daddy.
I love my mommy.
I love my daddy but they won't let me out of the car to take a picture.
The Gulf of Mexico from the Galveston seawall.
Stopping for (what else) coffee in Historic Downtown Galveston.
Inside the really cool coffee and confections shop.
The Texas coastline.
More Texas coastline.